Introducing Bloomin’ Hull

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Bloomin’ Hull – 28 March – 18 April

For this year’s Spring project, we’re revisiting the flower garlands. Like last year, the idea is to cover Hull in the things – from fences to railing to lamp posts, from ones a mile long to wrap around your school’s fence to dinky little ones in your front garden or even your front window; so long as they’re visible to the public, it’s all good. (Just remember to get permission from whoever’s fence, railing etc. you are using.)

As ever, you can make them as an individual or a group, out of whichever (weather proof) material and in any colour(s) you like.


  • Garlands are to go up on Saturday 28th March (or nearest date before you can manage).
  • Garlands are to be taken down on Sunday 19th April (or nearest date after you can manage).
  • In a slight change from last year’s project, we will be producing a Flower Trail Map – printed version as well as a downloadable PDF on our website. That’s also why it’s important that the garlands are at least up for the above period, to avoid visitor disappointment. In order to be able to print and distribute the map in time for the official start date, the deadline for registering your participation is Friday 13th March.


If you’d like to do a garland (or several), please leave a comment below, stating organisation or area you’re representing, and roughly where your garlands are going to be. Exact location to be confirmed by 13th March.

If you’re new to this group, but would like to join in, leave a comment below stating where you’re based and we’ll try and match you up with an existing group (or indeed try and form a new group if a new area emerges).

Most of the plotting and planning takes place in our Craft Project Hull Facebook group, so you might like to join us there.

Garlands don’t strictly have to be outdoors, but do need to be in a location that is publicly accessible, free of charge.

Up to date list of garlands pledged can be found at the bottom of this post.


Each (set of) garland(s) will be accompanied by a poster listing the names of the makers. We produce these centrally, and will be in touch re. details nearer the time.

So, in summary:

Friday 13th March: deadline registering participation

Saturday 28th March: garlands up

Sunday 19th April: garlands down

WORD version of this info downloadable here: Bloomin Hull brief – download.

LIST OF GARLANDS (last updated: 18 February)

1. Clough Road / Ryde Ave (Katherine Stevenson)
2. Pearson Park (Jane Hawes)
3. Bude Park Primary (Liz Smith)
4. Traenerhus (Keely Phillips)
5. Arram Grove (Mandy Straker)
6. Lock Keepers Court (Trevor Sylvester)
7. Hull Royal Infirmary (Jackie Elton)
8. West Hull Villages (Zoe Smith)
9. York Road (Marie Carlson)
10. Southcoates Lane/Primary (Sharon Jackson)
11. Dove House Hospice (Chloe Bennet, Tania Wilson)
12. Carnegie Heritage Centre (Julie Smith)
13. Artlink (Creativity Explored – Nicola Lambert)
14. Endike Lane / Levisham Close – Rainbow Community Garden (Emma Jenkins)
15. Estcourt Primary
16. Raleigh Court, Cambridge Street (Wendy Williamson)
17. Central Library
18. Avenues library
19. Western library
20. Greenwood Avenue Library
21. Gipsyville library
22. Ings library
23. Bransholme library
24. Freedom Centre library
25. East Park library
26. Fred Moore library
27. East Park Pavilion Café (Maureen Lockyer Jean Hardwick)
28. Garden Village Neighbourhood Watch (Hollie Van De Vyver Linda Williams)
29. Aysgarth Ave (Emma Sarjo)
30. Danube Road (Sally Hill)
31. St Alban’s, Hall Road (Sally Hill)
32. Appleton Primary (Amanda Newton)
33. Hull Truck Theatre (Sharron Cooper – with Lithuanian community club – Ag Ne)
34. Rooted in Hull (Lesley Bellerby)
35. Princes Quay (Janet Adamson)
36. Bricknell Primary (Victoria Tuthill – with Irena Sendler’s Polish School)
37. Hull College (Helen Ayre)
38. Francis Askew Primary (Julie Anne)
39. Western library garden (Tracey Hall Henry)
40. Hessle Road Network (Tracey Hall Henry)
41. St Andrew’s Community Centre (Sue Allen)
42. Maister Lodge (Alison Williams)
43. Wansbeck Primary (Miss Degg)
44. Blue Whippet Café (Jayne Pollock)
45. St Giles, Marfleet (Jane Cotterill)
46. St Hilda’s, Greatfield (Joyce Telford)
47. Redwood Glades, Leads Road (Julie Leake)
48. Princes Ave (Jane Hawes)
49. Victoria House, Victoria Dock (Angela Hardie)

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